Bale Out Ball is a relatively new initiative started by Coolamon woman, Sarah McCaig. In the brief period of time Bale Out Ball has been running it has received in excess of 16,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and generated national interest, with people ready to host events all over Australia. This goes to show the support behind not only Bale Out Ball, but rural Australia, and the willingness of people to become involved in their own and in other communities.


Bale Out Ball is focused on supporting Australian agriculture and revitalising rural communities. Our aim is to bring farmers, their families and communities together and provide a social outlet for Australian farmers. At the same time, supporting agricultural regions and raising money to assist with drought relief. This is being done through events organised for the community, by the community. Any money raised through Bale Out Ball events will go to Buy a Bale, Aussie Helpers, Snowy Hydro Southcare and back into the local community.

Remember your community can host Bale Out Ball event big or small- it all helps! The committee is putting together a pack to help with all the nitty gritty info you may need. 

So, let's get together and 'Lets Talk'.